If you can imagine it, we can package it

Eagle provides answers from basic to complex packaging needs with the most competitive prices in the industry. Eagle takes pride in saying our products are made to compete and outperform our competitors. We work with diligence in serving our existing clients and no details are overlooked when working with new clients.

Food Services Bags – Tortilla Bags, Tortilla Chips Bags, Bread Bags, Deli Bags, Bakery Bags, Reclosable Bags

Eagle's food grade division manufactures bags such as tortilla bags, bakery bags, pita bags, deli bags, meat bags etc. All of our FDA certified manufactured bags are custom manufactured to meet our customers' needs without any compromise. We work with each customer on an individual basis. With our new clients, Eagle evaluates the existing packaging needs and with no additional cost provides consulting on price, quality, design, and other aspects of packaging. For existing customers, Eagle works closely on finding solutions when there are changes in ingredients or types of products manufactured. We make sure that design, plates, and print cost remain low. With tremendous amount of detail, Eagle's food grade line assures that the bag is manufactured to the specification.

Custom capabilities include up to 6 color printing, bottom gusset, side gusset, side seal, bottom seal, and re-closeable zip bags and more. Our food packaging solutions comes with Linear Low Polyethylene Density bags (LLDPE & LDPE) and High Density bags (HDPE). If there are other needs that may need special requirements, Eagle Packaging will work with the customer to see if we can manufacture the bag or will refer you to other companies that can.

Eagle invites you to contact us with your questions. As a one stop shop for all packaging solutions based in Houston, Texas, Eagle ships nation wide and cater to all packaging needs. We have years of experience in working with customers in determining the exact sizes and designs in custom manufacturing.

Grocery, Produce & Retail Bags – Header, T-shirt bags, ice bags, Thank you bags

Eagle Packaging Solutions is a distributor of produce bags, header bags, t-shirt bags, ice bags and custom plastic bags. We specialize in providing number of produce bag types in different resin types for your fresh produce, fresh fruit or any other produce related packaging needs. We provide good quality produce bags, header bags, t-shirt bags, ice bags and custom bags with custom printing at an economical price. We keep our produce bags, header bags, t-shirt bags, ice bags, and custom bags in stock and ready for immediately delivery.

Can Liners – LLDPE Can Liners, HDPE Can Liners, Consumer Trash Bags, Industrial Liners, Drum Liners

Eagle Packaging Solutions trash liners products consist of linear low density trash liners (LLDPE), high density trash liners (HDPE), Bio-degradable, and degradable trash liners with many different sizes and types. Eagle can match up the right size, gallons, and thickness for your trash hauling needs. Every trash can has specific sizes to match various volume needs (ranges from 7 Gallons, 32 Gallons, 55 Gallons to 60 Gallons). With our expertise, we can assist you in suggesting which types of trash liner can be used to haul off your garbage collection. Also, we provide products for industrial liners (drum liners). Our Bio-degradable trash liners incorporate green technology that is environmental friendly and cost effective. With several sizes/gallons to choose from our trash bags/ garbage bags can be of help in anyone and everyone needs.

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